Bungee tether, 2 Action Cara/HD cord 10/pkg. BNGEXTRP2TSW

Bungee tether, 2 Action Cara/HD cord 10/pkg. BNGEXTRP2TSW

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Durable, Extendable Tool Tethers

BUNGEE TETHER, 2 ACTION CARA/HD CORD (10-Pack) - Bungee style tool tethers perform the dual task of keeping tools secured to an anchor while simultaneously reducing the risk of tether entanglement by shortening their length when the tool is stored, making them a first choice when working around machinery or other moving equipment. Bungee tethers are available with a variety of connectors to accommodate any type of attachment point or anchor – or tools that have suitable connection geometry.


Bungee Tether - 2 Action Swivel/ HD Cord (Pkg 10)
Meets ANSI/ISEA 121-2018


  • Max Tool Weight: 15 lb
  • Tether Length: 48"
  • Ends: Double Action Swivel Carabiner & HD Cord Loop, Type: Bungee
  • Relaxed Length: 32", Extended Length: 48"
  • Anchor Options: Harness|Tool Pocket|Waist/Belt|Railing|Eye Beam
  • Quantity: 10-Pack
  • Easy to use with gloved hands

 Cinch loop on one end. 

Ty-Flot tool tethering drop prevention bungee lanyard. Other names for the Pure Safety Group brand Ty-Flot can be Ty Flot, Ty Float, Ty-Floot, Tye Float.