Retail pack Comfort Fit Padded Tool Belt Med 28 inch to 40 inch BELTCMFTR-R

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Ergonomic Waist Belt Anchor System for Tool Tethers

RETAIL PACK COMFORT FIT PADDED TOOL BELT (Single) - The Comfort Fit Utility Belt solves the problem of finding a suitable tether anchor for most hand-held tools. Allowing the user to tie off tethers to the waist belt increases mobility, reduces the chance of lost tools, and reduces the chances of drops by eliminating the need to transfer the tool from anchor to anchor. Simply attach a compatible tether to the belt’s D-ring and take your tools with you.


Ergonomically designed for comfort
Inner pad with threaded outer webbing
Ballistic nylon outer shell
Vertical webbing stoppers around entire circumference allow you to choose where to lock pouches
Dual adjustment allows two sizes to fit most workers
Fits most tool pockets
Quick release adjustable buckle
Installed Dee Rings