TYEM66542	Sidewinder Monitor Charger Cable

TYEM66542 Sidewinder Monitor Charger Cable

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Sidewinder Monitor Charger Cable

  • Color CMOS Camera - PAL
  • 0.75 inch Diameter
  • Right Angle Configuration
  • 420 HTVL Resolution
  • Electronic Shutter up to 1/100,000 s
  • 0.01 lux Minimum Illumination
  • Compact Rugged Housing - 3/4" dia x < 1.0"


Low cost and high performance come together in this small CMOS camera. The 1/4 inch format CMOS sensor boasts 420 HTVL resolution, electronic shutter up to 1/100,000 s and 0.01 lux minimum Illumination. This combined with low power (< 0.5 Watts) and a compact rugged housing (3/4" dia x < 1.0") make the CMOS-75 Camera ideal for POV, remote inspection, covert observation, and many other applications. The CMOS-75 housing is designed to make use of 7 mm diameter micro Lenses from Elmo. The camera is available in both NTSC and PAL formats.