TYEM14261 XtendaCam Zoom Motorized Tilt Pole Inspection System with Recorder

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XtendaCam Zoom

  • Motorized tilting mechanism, 320 degrees
  • Submersible camera head, IP-67 rating - up to 1 meter
  • 40x zoom ratio (10x optical, 4x digital)
  • Variable intensity LED lighting reaching up to 25 feet
  • Pole mounted LCD monitor and recorder
  • Capture video or image stills
  • Easy to use camera control pad on pole, splashproof
  • Rugged Pole collapse to 5 feet 
  • Extend camera on telescoping pole up to 16 feet, 4 inches
  • Completely mobile system, includes shipping case
  • Product in case weighs a total of 40 lbs.

Quickly access and inspect out-of-reach targets up to 20-feet away with the iShot Imaging XtendaCam® Motorized Tilt Video Pole Extension Camera System, designed specifically for viewing, illuminating, and recording inaccessible areas in a matter of minutes. The new slender, lightweight version of the XtendaCam Tilt System boasts a 1/4-inch CCD camera in a waterproof housing attached to a motorized tilting mechanism allowing the user to change the vertical orientation of the camera in a 320-degree range. The camera system offers a crisp video output, 40:1 zoom, auto-focus, variable shutter, gain, exposure, white balance, and backlight compensation. Auxiliary lighting is provided by an LED light ring that reaches targets up to 25-feet away. Camera functions and lighting are controlled via a touch pad on the Xtendacam body.

The Xtendacam comes standard with a pole-mounted color DVR and adjustable 4-inch LCD display, allowing the user to view live video, recorded .mpg video, and .jpg still frame capture. The recorder is equipped with a 40GB hard drive offering up to 130 hours of video storage space. Footage can also be delivered to external monitors or displays (via the composite output jack) for revealing to colleagues an area of interest when the need arises.

The XtendaCam is equipped with two non-slip stabilization legs providing both balance and control when viewing and recording a targeted area. Powered by a rechargeable battery (stored in the base of the splash proof XtendaCam pole handle) the user can perform hours of "cable free" inspections - especially an advantage when in locations where electricity is not available!

The telescoping XtendaCam is ideal for capturing high quality video/images in difficult to reach applications, such as bridge structure inspections, transportation inspections, viewing inaccessible cavities, and viewing over walls, roofs, and around corners. This system was designed for but not limited to Highways and Bridge Structures, Security/Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Military, Mines, Refineries and Power Generation Facilities. The standard inspection system includes the pole system, a rechargeable battery with charger, LCD display/recorder and 2GB SD Card in a durable shipping case.