FME - Best Practices - What is expected of a FME worker?

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In the world of FME, What is expected of a FME worker?


While working in the plant, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) workers must be personally committed to be error-free:

Dedicated FME monitor roles and responsibilities

  • The FME monitors are individuals assigned to monitor and log the movement of tools and materials in and out of the FME Zone.
  • Has command and control of FME zones
  • Maintains log and performs periodic log reconciliations
  • Performs quality turnover for monitor responsibilities
  • Performs housekeeping inspection of areas in an FME zone 1
  • Workers read and sign the specific FME plan for the designated area (Refuel floor only)
  • Securing methods such as lanyards or straps are used to prevent items such as tools, hard hats, badges, lanyards, etc., from becoming FM
  • The work package has the appropriate FME paperwork included and signed off when all materials are removed
  • Workers understand the actions to take when there is a loss of FME integrity

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