What are the job responsibilities and tasks of a FME Monitor in a high risk area?

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High Risk (HR) FME Monitor


These are the job requirements of a FME Monitor in a high risk area:

1. An individual performing in a dual role of worker and FME Monitor shall have the same responsibilities and qualification as that of an independent HR FMEM.
2. Maintain a thorough understanding of specific FME requirements.
3. Assertively ensure that proper FME behaviors are exhibited in high-risk FMEAs.
4. Ensure FMEA criteria have been met before the start of the monitored job.
5. Control material, equipment, and personnel ingress and egress for FMEAs. Maintain and reconcile applicable logs.
6. Inspect personnel, tools, materials, and equipment entering and exiting high-risk FMEAs to ensure that proper FME controls are being used.
7. Stop work and notify the work group supervisor when FME controls are being challenged, are lost, or are violated.
8. To the extent possible, monitor work activities for the generation of material that would threaten FME integrity.
9. Perform an accurate turnover to the oncoming FMEM.
10. Conduct initial walk-down of FMEA entrance to identify potential sources of tramp (FME that is trampled and tracked into the FMEA) FME. Perform regular inspection of FMEA entrance (at a minimum once per shift).
11. Ensure all non-badged vendor personnel are briefed by First Line Supervisor prior to entry into an FMEA.

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