What are the responsibilities of a FME worker?

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FME Worker responsibilities

1. Adhere to all cleanliness and FME requirements.

2. Use work practices that minimize and prevent the introduction of FM into systems, equipment, and components.
3. Maintain a thorough understanding of the FME requirements.
4. Ensure the accuracy of work package FME requirements prior to performing work.
5. Escort non-qualified individuals as required.
6. Assist in establishing FME controls.
7. Inspect tools and material prior to taking them into the FMEA
8. If the Foreign Material Control Log is required, present tools and materials for logging prior to entry into the FMEA.
9. Provide feedback to Planning regarding any work package FME problems.
10. Notify supervision of any job site change that could impact FME, including loss of FME control.
11. Ensure system and component cleanliness inspections are performed before final closure.

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