FME Requirements for FME Devices

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FME Device Requirements

a. Covers, plugs, caps, seals, pipe dams and other FME devices should, as a minimum, meet the following requirements:
1) Be installed in such a manner as to prevent accidental removal.
2) Be fire resistant or retardant to extent possible.
3) Be suitable for the environmental conditions it could be exposed to.
4) Shall not mark or mar the system or component hardware.
5) Shall not result in galvanic or other corrosion at point of contact with the system or component hardware.
6) Shall not show evidence of chemical decomposition during FME service.
7) Use rigid covers on vertical openings where falling objects could damage or penetrate the cover.
8) Spare conduit openings found without plugs or with inappropriate plugs in electrical enclosures, transmitters, or other instruments, may be replaced with metal plugs provided this activity is documented in a work package or CARD.

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